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No matter where you are in your wealth magic journey, this simple but effective practice will deepen your relationship with your power immediately.

What people are saying about the ek practice

“In a year of practicing Existential Kink, my entire life has shifted tremendously. I have more confidence, less anxiety, and more joy in life. I feel powerful, because I recognize how my desires – conscious or not – are being fulfilled every moment!”- Sheryl

“Carolyn’s method of shadow work takes what has always been a harrowing act of bravery, shadow work, and makes it deeply pleasurable as well. This makes me actually desire to do the work! And as such, I’ve accomplished more, integrated more, than at any earlier period of my life. Which is to say that I feel more grounded and liberated than I have since I was a child.” - Mary S.

I used to love drama, especially in my love life. I always picked men that were emotionally unavailable, because I loved that delicious pain of heartbreak. I EK’d it a lot! Then the next man I met….bloody lovely….and emotionally available."

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